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The content of this site except for this page temporarily is available in Russian only. But we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Our company specializes in software development for

  • Web and intranet. In this area we developed J2EE based system: EJB (including EJB 2.0), JSP (including custom JSP tags), servlets (Java Servlets API 2.3), MVC design, Struts, JMX, JMS, XML, XSLT, web services (Java XML Pack, Glue).
    Application servers: WebLogic, JBoss, Orion, Oracle 9I, WebSphere, Jrun.
    Servlet containers: Tomcat, Resin.
  • Mobile telephony (WAP & SMS). We developed portals on the base servlets and JSP tags allowing access desctop and WAP browsers. One solution for both wireless and non-wireless worlds. We developed systems to access enterprise databases via WAP and/or SMS interfaces.
  • J2ME. We developed midlets to access enterprise data sources.
    Our project Java Cards Applets Generation Tool won Best On Technology Award at SIMagine 2003.

We offer reliable and scalable solutions that employ Java technologies. We are experts in J2EE and J2ME.

An unexhaustive list of the customers we have done projects for is provided below.

For further inquires and requests for programming, please do not hesitate to contact us at

You can see our mashups and web projects here: mashups directory